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PC Support From Xbox One

PC Gaming is considered to be far better than console gaming. The reason for this is because with a PC you can have your own internals built into your computer. This results in you having better visuals than the majority of gamers as these computers can handle those intensive graphics, lighting textures and small details added into the video games.

Microsoft announced that the controller for Xbox One will soon support the PC. This means that PC Gamers will now be able to use the controller to play their PC Gamers. This is an incredible announcement as PC Gamers havemicrosoft-logo had to use the Xbox 360 controller for nearly a decade now. The new controller will allow for gamers to add certain elements that they couldn’t before into their PC Gaming as the Xbox One has new toggles that can be used.

Microsoft made this announcement through their weekly email saying, “The Xbox One Controller will soon be available for PC Gamers, we knew right off the bat that when we released the Xbox One, it’s controller would soon be released for the PC afterwards. We know that the majority of those who PC Game do so on a Microsoft based computer. We want to cater to those fans as well and we hope they enjoy the improvements to the controller.”

The Xbox One Controller will be released for the Personal Computer at the end of June. All last generation and current generation games will be compatible with the new controller

Everybody’s Jackpot Once Again Has Been Triggered

Everybody’s Jackpot, a slot that for the last year has been in the news on a weekly basis due to its mass amount of progressive jackpot wins is once again in the news this week. The reason? you guessed it because the jackpot has once again be triggered. This Playtech slot has been able to provide dozens of punters with life changing jackpot wins which is why this slot continues to rise in popularity with each passing week.

This week a punter spinning the reels on this slot was able to win $245,677, one of the lower jackpot wins for this slot but none the less still an incredible amount of money to win for any one punter. Details on this jackpot win has yet to come to light as Playtech doesn’t know which casino this jackpot was triggered at.

playtech logo

Playtech did say this though, “We are unsure as to where this progressive jackpot won. This week alone the Everybody’s Jackpot Progressive has been won three separate times at different online casinos. We are honored to see how this slot continues to grow in popularity with each passing week. We hope that one day we can beat Net Entertainment and have the largest progressive jackpot ever won online. This is our goal now for Everybody’s Jackpot and as it continues to rise in popularity this goal will be accomplished.”

In order to play Everybody’s Jackpot you must register an account with any casino boasting the Playtech software.

Hennessy Heritage Festival now sponsored by Bet365

One of the largest online betting firms Bet365 announced today that they have signed a long term sponsorship with the famous racecourse in Newbury. This new deal will make Bet365 the main sponsor for Hennessy Heritage Festival.

newbury Racecourse

This Sponsorship deal will let the betting firm enjoy certain marketing benefits during the tree day race. This race is scheduled to begin on November 28th, 2012. The race is also co-sponsored by the Cognac king Hennessy. Hennessy is known for providing a variety of different fine Cognacs that will please even the finest of drinkers.
The Joint Chief Executive for Bet365 Denise Coates commented on this new deal saying, “The Hennessy Gold Cup is one of the more prestigious races to occur within the National Hunt Calendar and it is also a favorite with racing fans from all across the world. We are pleased to be the new main sponsor for Hennessy Heritage Festival and we look forward to working with them in the near future.

The Joint Managing Direction for the Newbury Racecourse Stephen Higgins also commented on this new deal saying, “Bet365 is a well-known worldwide brand that has supported British Racing for many years. We are excited to be sponsored by the online betting website and we can’t wait to work with them in the future. We expect nothing but positive results for the both of us and we hope to continue this sponsorship for a long time to come”.

Deal Or No Deal Jackpot Won for £330,250

One special gambler was playing at JackpotJoy earlier on this month and was lucky enough to trigger a £330,250.

JackpotJoy has yet to release any of the new details on this big win. This is probably due to the fact that the winner is getting all his finances together, family and more. We can say that this win is considerably larger than the average win triggered at Deal Or No Deal. We will continue to keep you updated on any new information that is released on this big win, as always to get the best gambling news come visit us!

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Deal or No Deal is a slot developed by Gamesys, one of the leading developers within the online gambling industry. This TV show based slot provides players with big wins, a bonus round which lets you choose from the cases to win big and much more. Players looking to feel the full experience of “Deal or No Deal” will love this Gamesys developed slot. The developer just doesn’t provide their games on the Personal Computer but they also offer their games on mobile platforms as well. This means you can enjoy Deal or No Deal from the comfort of your hands, home and more.

Due to this slot having such a great amount of popularity, the jackpot is triggered on more of a regular basis. Roughly every month or so the Deal or No Deal Jackpot will be taken at JackpotJoy or any other casino that offers the Gamesys software. You could be the next jackpot winner by playing this slot at JackpotJoy.