Everybody’s Jackpot Once Again Has Been Triggered

Everybody’s Jackpot, a slot that for the last year has been in the news on a weekly basis due to its mass amount of progressive jackpot wins is once again in the news this week. The reason? you guessed it because the jackpot has once again be triggered. This Playtech slot has been able to provide dozens of punters with life changing jackpot wins which is why this slot continues to rise in popularity with each passing week.

This week a punter spinning the reels on this slot was able to win $245,677, one of the lower jackpot wins for this slot but none the less still an incredible amount of money to win for any one punter. Details on this jackpot win has yet to come to light as Playtech doesn’t know which casino this jackpot was triggered at.

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Playtech did say this though, “We are unsure as to where this progressive jackpot won. This week alone the Everybody’s Jackpot Progressive has been won three separate times at different online casinos. We are honored to see how this slot continues to grow in popularity with each passing week. We hope that one day we can beat Net Entertainment and have the largest progressive jackpot ever won online. This is our goal now for Everybody’s Jackpot and as it continues to rise in popularity this goal will be accomplished.”

In order to play Everybody’s Jackpot you must register an account with any casino boasting the Playtech software.

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