PC Support From Xbox One

PC Gaming is considered to be far better than console gaming. The reason for this is because with a PC you can have your own internals built into your computer. This results in you having better visuals than the majority of gamers as these computers can handle those intensive graphics, lighting textures and small details added into the video games.

Microsoft announced that the controller for Xbox One will soon support the PC. This means that PC Gamers will now be able to use the controller to play their PC Gamers. This is an incredible announcement as PC Gamers havemicrosoft-logo had to use the Xbox 360 controller for nearly a decade now. The new controller will allow for gamers to add certain elements that they couldn’t before into their PC Gaming as the Xbox One has new toggles that can be used.

Microsoft made this announcement through their weekly email saying, “The Xbox One Controller will soon be available for PC Gamers, we knew right off the bat that when we released the Xbox One, it’s controller would soon be released for the PC afterwards. We know that the majority of those who PC Game do so on a Microsoft based computer. We want to cater to those fans as well and we hope they enjoy the improvements to the controller.”

The Xbox One Controller will be released for the Personal Computer at the end of June. All last generation and current generation games will be compatible with the new controller

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