2015 Ford Explorer Revealed

Ford, a vehicle manufacturer known for their incredibly powerful trucks and SUVs revealed their newest SUV for 2015. The new 2015 Ford Explorer was revealed earlier on today when Ford held a press conference at their headquarters located in Detroit, New Jersey. This new Ford Explorer offers a brand new design for SUV enthusiasts to enjoy, the new design allows for more space within the SUV itself.

Ford logo

Ford has openly said that they believe that this explorer is the best one they have developed since the late 2010 model. At the time everyone believed that Ford was ditching their traditional roots but when the 2010 Ford Explorer was released everyone knew that Ford would always have what it takes to create a powerful yet luxurious SUV. Manufactures such as Chrysler, Toyota and GMC haven’t been able to compete with Ford as their SUV’s provide the most power and luxury for an affordable price. The new 2015 Explorer is selling right now for $30,600 which is an affordable price for a brand SUV.

Ford revealed this information at their press conference saying, “The 2015 Ford Explorer will soon be making its way to your local Ford dealership. We have worked hard on creating a brand new design and experience for the 2015 Ford Explorer while adding more power under the hood and more luxury within the vehicle. Everyone on the Ford Development Team feels as if we have accomplished this goal.”

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