Toyota Recalls 650,000 Vehicles

Toyota Motor Corp, one of the most beloved vehicle manufactures in the world announced today that they have had to recall 650,000 Vehicles in Japan. This information came as a shock as normally Toyota never recalls their own vehicles as they are built to be strong, reliable and affordable cars for the mass public. These 650,000 vehicles have an issue with the airbag that issue being that the air bag won’t go off unless a huge amount of pressure it put against it which at that time it is too late.

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There has been twenty separate models that have been loaded with these airbags but luckily for Toyota these cars have yet to been shipped out to Europe or North America. The lack of airbags will result in lives being lost which is why it is amazing that Toyota was able to find this issue before it was too late for them to do anything about it. This information came to light after an employee at Toyota received a report that showed that five cars in one day weren’t passing the airbag safety inspection test. This resulted in that employee checking up on each individual car which then showed him that almost each one of these cars didn’t have the proper airbags needed to pass safety inspection.

Toyota stated the following, “Itou Yuki, an employee for one of our plants in Japan noticed the fault in these airbags. We would like to thank him personally for finding this issue in our vehicles as it has allowed for us to potentially save lives that could of been lost.”

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