Nick Young Questions Nascar

Years ago figuratively speaking Donovan McNabb stepped on a landmine that blew up right in his face. Mr. McNabb took it upon himself more than four years ago to question if Nascar was a real sport. It resulted in Nascar drivers bashing him and fans of Nascar sending him death threats. He actually was sent to the hospital a year later as a diehard fan of Nascar beat him senseless. You would think that after that no one would question Nascar being a sport ever again.

Nick Young

Unfortunately a Los Angeles Lakers player Nick Young just did the same thing and stepped on the exact same landmine. He questioned if Nascar is a real sport and he did it on a national TV Program called TMZ which has millions of viewers each day. Luckily for Nick Young he didn’t bash Nascar like Mr. McNabb did four years ago. It seems that he was genuinely unaware if Nascar was a sport or not, being a famous basketball player takes a lot of your time which explains why he is unaware of other sports around him.

TMZ Reporters asked Nick Young which sport he thinks is effected by the rain the most? When Nick Young answered he said that he believed Nascar would be the sport effected most by the rain and then questioned if the sport is real or not. He then changed his answer and said football which would be correct as you cannot run on a wet field and make plays.

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