Chicago & Detroit High Speed Rail

There is a high speed rail train that goes from Chicago to Detroit, through its two main stops it also passed by Battle Creek and Jackson. Unfortunately this trip takes roughly five hours and thirty eight minutes to complete as a whole. Both governments of state in Chicago & Detroit has proposed a new plan which would allow for this trip to be cut in half by two hours and twenty minutes. This also means that they could hold ten trips from Chicago to Detroit instead of the three they currently offer.

high speed rail

Amtrak, the only passenger rail service still operating in the United States of America is concerned about this potential upgrade as is Chicago & Detroit citizens. The upgraded speeds would reach 2035 Mph, the current high rail speed trail only 110 Mph. The difference won’t just effect the surrounding eco-systems through mass emission consumption but it’ll also pose a potential safety risk as high speed trains have been known to derail before in the past.

The argument that Chicago & Detroit State Governments have been making is that by allowing for ten trips instead of three more people will use this transportation method instead of using their vehicles. This in return would allow for lower emissions in the grand scale of things. They also argue that throughout all of the high speed rail trains in the world there have only been three to derail and that this technology is just as safe as using planes as transportation. We shall inform you of any new updates revealed regarding this High Speed Rail Upgrade.

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