New Wingsuit Allows For Faster Speeds

The Phoenix Fly Prodigy 2 Wingsuit is now available on the market and this new wingsuit is the fastest one to ever be built. Thanks to special aerodynamics and fabric this new wingsuit has allowed for flyers to take their adventures onto the next level.

Phoenix Fly Prodigy 2 Wingsuit

This new wingsuit allows for a total speed of 500 K/M an hour before the wind flaps will pop out to control the speed. This new wingsuit is so aerodynamic that the increase in speed of almost two hundred kilometers hasn’t caused for any changes when turning or hovering to higher distances. Currently this new tracking suit is on sale for $1000 at the Phoenix Fly website. There are a number of different suits that can be purchased but none that can reach the same speeds at the new prodigy 2.

Phoenix Fly released a statement relating to their new wingsuit saying, “The Prodigy 2 is our best wingsuit yet, its years ahead of any of our competition and takes this adrenaline thrilled sport to another level. We hope that our loyal fans will enjoy these innovations and take their adventures to the next step.”

Wingsuit flying has recently become a vastly popular sport for those addicted to adrenaline. Unfortunately it hasn’t reached enough popularity that the mass majority knows what it is. In order to find out more on this exciting sport you can do so through Google or you can go to a local teacher in order to learn the skill in person.

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