Hypersonic Jet Being Created

The United States Military is by far the most advanced in the world with technology that is far beyond what the normal citizen could imagine. The latest project that has been announced to the public is a “Hypersonic Jet” that could travel five times faster than the speed of sound. This means that this future plane which would be released to the military by 2023 could travel faster than Mach 2 & move faster than a speeding bullet.

Hypersonic Jet

There is a number of different methods being used in order to achieve this incredible rate of speed. Engineers from the Air Force and the Defence Advanced Research Project Agency are accounting that their last venture into hypersonic speed the “X-51” was only able to reach Mach 1. This is why they’ll be using lighter materials that can work well with speeds faster than sound & their also developing a new GPS System that’ll allow for this unmanned plane to account for any upcoming storms, other planes or anything else in the sky. This jet would be able to travel around the world in less than ten minutes with this rate of speed. It’ll most likely be used to transport various weapons, food and medical supplies around the world. The hope is that the USA will be able to create manned vehicles that can travel this rate of speed. It would allow for them to attend to any matter in minutes.

Should any other information in relation to the new jet become available, we will post an update here or you.

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