1.5 Tonnes of Food Destroyed By Russia

Russia continues to show that it is a country with no respect to those who help them, to those who bring industry to the country and to the Northern American culture. The reasoning for this is because Russia destroy 1.5 Tonnes of good that was imported to Russia by the BMW Formula 1 Racing Team. This food is considered Western Food & thus by goes against the sanctions of the food department in Russia.


This isn’t surprising what so ever at Vladimir Putin resembles that of an early Adolf Hitler, he is being watched by dozens of different agencies from countries all around the world. He has already invaded Ukraine and has openly stated that he will continue to invade more countries in the future once he believes Russia’s soldiers can handle what is to come. Essentially this insane president has stated openly that he plans on starting a new war in the future.

Due to this the BMW Formula 1 Racing Team has stated that their unsure if they’ll be returning to the country to compete after this event. This means that in the future BMW couldn’t compete in events within Russia but if other fellow formula one teams took the initiative to do the same thing then it’s suspected that Russia would become one of the new countries banned from Formula 1. None the less fans of BMW can watch them race in the upcoming Moscow event as they will still be racing to win the first place trophy.

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