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Yamaha Unveils “Motobot”

Yamaha is considered to be the elite in terms of superbikes. The reasoning for this is because throughout more than three decades they’ve perfected their craft and the end result is products that cannot be matched. The latest announcement by Yamaha is the “Motobot”, a robot that is able to ride super motorcycles.

yahama motobot

This robot is able to twist the throttle, change the gears, push on the pedals and steer the motorcycle just through the CPU inside of his frame. The initial version which is the one that was shown off did need to use the superbike slowly and it needed training wheels. So as of right now this robot isn’t able to compete in the MotoGP. However Yamaha has stated that they plan to get the Motobot to be able to race at speeds more than 120MPH in the upcoming years.

There are many who are spectacle about this Motobot though. Many people are seeing this as a machine that would be able to take over human racers on the track but that’s far from the case. Yamaha sees this robot as the perfect companion when testing new vehicles. This robot won’t be used to race but will instead be used to practice security measures and support systems.

This’ll give Yamaha the increased edge needed to ensure that their motorcycles are that much safer for humans. Their using materials which represent the texture & feeling of the human body, this’ll allow for the safe riding for all those whom wish to purchase a Yamaha motorcycle in the not so distant future.

Leon Gonyo Dies on Devil’s Bowl Speedway

Leon Gonyo, a stock car racer has died while taking a ceremonial victory lap. This man had just won the NASCAR All-American Series Modified Race on Saturday Night, while he was driving his victory lap he unfortunately had a medical problem arise. The car then accelerated into the wall before it bounced back off it and approached the speedway’s victory lane.

Leon Gonyo

Leon Gonyo is known to many throughout Northern America. He was a veteran driver that had raced stock cars for a total of forty years throughout the Northeast & Canada. This marked the fifth victory for this season allow, all of them occurring at the Fair Haven Track. The inspection of his vehicle stated that everything was working in proper condition, unfortunately it seems his medical condition wasn’t working in his favor. Unfortunately they haven’t released as to what the medical condition could be, many are believing it to be a stroke or heart attack. This is a sound theory as both of these medical condition happen without notice, in a matter of seconds you’re in great pain.

The Speedway released a statement, “Mr. Gonyo surpassed the majority of drivers, he surpassed the award’s criteria and he was considered to be a leader in our community. Rest easy, Leon Gonyo. Thank you for all the moments where you shared your passion, class and joy with us.” It seems that this sixty three year old driver will be sorely missed by his loved ones, the stock car NASCAR community and beloved fans.