Lexus Showcases New Luxury Sedan

The Toyota Motor Corporation, the parent company to Lexus Motors has revealed their latest upcoming Sedan. This new vehicle truly looks as if it is out of the future with its sleek design, modern apparel and more. One of the most modern aspects of this car is the high-output fuel cell power system, this system energizes the rear wheels in a manner never before seen in a Toyota-made electric car.

Toyota Motor Corporation

The strategic placement of the fuel cells allows for the precise torque distribution in the new sedan. The cells lay towards the middle of the car, allowing for even distribution of torque and power to the rear wheels. The cells are formed in a T-Formation as well, allowing for more cells to be placed under the car. There is also a second T-Formation hydrogen fuel tank in the car as well, this fuel tank is Eco-Friendly allowing for the car to burn a minimal amount of fuel when out of electric mode. This car is slated to be the most Eco-Friendly that Lexus has ever designed.

Even though this car has already been shown off it is still in its concept stage. Toyota & Lexus technicians will still be working towards refining the car in order to make it as eco-friendly as possible. Lexus does state that these cars could be being built sooner than later in Eastern Canada. If this turns out to be the case then Lexus will surely have a new premium vehicle on the market that all want to enjoy.