Formula E Receiving Driverless Cars

Racing will be moving in a direction it has never had before, for the first time in history cars will not be driven by humans on the racing tracks but instead by complex computers within the cars themselves. Self-driving cars are now making their way to the Formula E, Global Racing League. This is being done by FormulaE partnering up alongside Kentik, large sums of money are being spent in electric vehicle development. There is no specific word as to when this form of racing shall debut.

Formula E, Global Racing League

There has only been one driverless car in history which was performed on a raceway successfully. That vehicle would be the Audi RS7 or “Robby”. It completed the raceway as an experienced human would in terms of its lap time but if these driverless vehicles plan to make their way as a form of entertainment, their design and driving abilities will be need to be raised to a new level.

AI Coding will be developed by some of the worlds top coders in mechanics. Famous drivers noted in the Formula Racing Series will help design the coding, providing input on how the car should drive so that these cars provide a more realistic feel.

Formula testifies and ensures its fans that they shall never remove real drivers from their league. Formula E will just be another racing league within the Formula brand, F1 as well as their many others won’t be going anywhere for as long as Formula remains a sporting league. This company just wishes to get ahead of the competition & be the first name within this new realm of driving.