Kevin Magnussen Returns to F1

Kevin Magnussen, the previous driver for McLaren in 2014 is making his return back to Formula 1 in the next season. He is currently finalizing his new contract with Renault, who are also making their way back in Formula 1 as a manufacturer team after buying out Lotus earlier on this year. Needless to say this is going to be an ambitious team up that’ll either sky rocket throughout F1 in popularity or will fail in a manner of a few races.

Kevin Magnussen

The Lotus cars have never been able to preform to the level they need to in F1, this has many worried that Mr. Magnussen is to far gone with his dream of becoming a famous F1 Driver in history. This team up could be the factor which changes Lotus’s history for the rest of it’s F1 Days. If that’s the case then you can be ensured that Kevin would be embodied into legend status alongside Michael Schumacher, Alfonzo Ribeiro and many others.

Renault seems to be excited to work alongside this young driver as well, Magnussen who is only twenty-three years old could be a potential driver for decades to come. He’d be able to have a career longer than anyone else in the history for the Formula 1. Unfortunately, in the five seasons that he has raced these cars in F1 & F3 he has gained the nickname “Crashtor” which might just hint at his future demise.

There’s no word as of right now as to what his future contract details. Hopefully he comes out on the high end of the stick.