Burnout – A realistic Racing Video Game

Burnout is a video game series that has revolutionized how video game players enjoy racing styled games. The majority of racing video games rely on a simulator that is meant to be realistic. Most developers of racing games want players to feel like their actually at the wheel but the simulator games have proven to be difficult. Racing simulators take a longer period of time to learn and master, which isn’t necessarily the best kind of video game to develop. A lot of people live busy lives and only have a short period of time to  play a video game, enjoy the experience and then go about the rest of their days. This is why the Burnout franchise has been able to become popular.

burnout video game

Burnout is a video game series that does the exact opposite of every other racing simulator. Instead of having to drive directly on the streets you can make special jumps over buildings, highways, cars and more. If you happen to crash your car you will find that an immense amount of damage will occur to the vehicle. When you do crash the game slows down so that you may see every detail of the crash. You will watch the car spin, glass break, wheels fall off, the driver spin around in the car and more. This helps make for an exciting and fun experience all together in one.

Burnout was first created back in 2001 by Criterion Games, the original creators of Need for Speed. When they created this game they wanted to go in the opposite direction of Need for Speed. This resulted in Burnout being created. The first game was released near the end of 2001 for the Playstation 2, Xbox and GameCube. The game was published by Acclaim Entertainment until Burnout 3 when Electronic Arts took over the video game series. Over the course of a decade there were eight different Burnout video games created.

As of right now Electronic Arts has focused Criterion Games on Need for Speed, the more popular franchise of the two. Electronic Arts has openly said that after the next generation Need for Speed game is released they’ll be putting Criterion Games onto a new Burnout project. Since they first announced that a new Burnout game will be created, after taking a 3 year hiatus, video game players rejoiced.

The last burnout game to be created for video game consoles was Burnout Paradise. The game took you to a city that resembles Miami, it was open world and you could drive wherever you wanted to. In the process you would find various races, crash mode tests and more. Burnout Paradise still remains as one of the most popular racing games to ever be created.

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