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Kevin Magnussen Returns to F1

Kevin Magnussen, the previous driver for McLaren in 2014 is making his return back to Formula 1 in the next season. He is currently finalizing his new contract with Renault, who are also making their way back in Formula 1 as a manufacturer team after buying out Lotus earlier on this year. Needless to say this is going to be an ambitious team up that’ll either sky rocket throughout F1 in popularity or will fail in a manner of a few races.

Kevin Magnussen

The Lotus cars have never been able to preform to the level they need to in F1, this has many worried that Mr. Magnussen is to far gone with his dream of becoming a famous F1 Driver in history. This team up could be the factor which changes Lotus’s history for the rest of it’s F1 Days. If that’s the case then you can be ensured that Kevin would be embodied into legend status alongside Michael Schumacher, Alfonzo Ribeiro and many others.

Renault seems to be excited to work alongside this young driver as well, Magnussen who is only twenty-three years old could be a potential driver for decades to come. He’d be able to have a career longer than anyone else in the history for the Formula 1. Unfortunately, in the five seasons that he has raced these cars in F1 & F3 he has gained the nickname “Crashtor” which might just hint at his future demise.

There’s no word as of right now as to what his future contract details. Hopefully he comes out on the high end of the stick.

Formula E Receiving Driverless Cars

Racing will be moving in a direction it has never had before, for the first time in history cars will not be driven by humans on the racing tracks but instead by complex computers within the cars themselves. Self-driving cars are now making their way to the Formula E, Global Racing League. This is being done by FormulaE partnering up alongside Kentik, large sums of money are being spent in electric vehicle development. There is no specific word as to when this form of racing shall debut.

Formula E, Global Racing League

There has only been one driverless car in history which was performed on a raceway successfully. That vehicle would be the Audi RS7 or “Robby”. It completed the raceway as an experienced human would in terms of its lap time but if these driverless vehicles plan to make their way as a form of entertainment, their design and driving abilities will be need to be raised to a new level.

AI Coding will be developed by some of the worlds top coders in mechanics. Famous drivers noted in the Formula Racing Series will help design the coding, providing input on how the car should drive so that these cars provide a more realistic feel.

Formula testifies and ensures its fans that they shall never remove real drivers from their league. Formula E will just be another racing league within the Formula brand, F1 as well as their many others won’t be going anywhere for as long as Formula remains a sporting league. This company just wishes to get ahead of the competition & be the first name within this new realm of driving.

Lexus Showcases New Luxury Sedan

The Toyota Motor Corporation, the parent company to Lexus Motors has revealed their latest upcoming Sedan. This new vehicle truly looks as if it is out of the future with its sleek design, modern apparel and more. One of the most modern aspects of this car is the high-output fuel cell power system, this system energizes the rear wheels in a manner never before seen in a Toyota-made electric car.

Toyota Motor Corporation

The strategic placement of the fuel cells allows for the precise torque distribution in the new sedan. The cells lay towards the middle of the car, allowing for even distribution of torque and power to the rear wheels. The cells are formed in a T-Formation as well, allowing for more cells to be placed under the car. There is also a second T-Formation hydrogen fuel tank in the car as well, this fuel tank is Eco-Friendly allowing for the car to burn a minimal amount of fuel when out of electric mode. This car is slated to be the most Eco-Friendly that Lexus has ever designed.

Even though this car has already been shown off it is still in its concept stage. Toyota & Lexus technicians will still be working towards refining the car in order to make it as eco-friendly as possible. Lexus does state that these cars could be being built sooner than later in Eastern Canada. If this turns out to be the case then Lexus will surely have a new premium vehicle on the market that all want to enjoy.

Yamaha Unveils “Motobot”

Yamaha is considered to be the elite in terms of superbikes. The reasoning for this is because throughout more than three decades they’ve perfected their craft and the end result is products that cannot be matched. The latest announcement by Yamaha is the “Motobot”, a robot that is able to ride super motorcycles.

yahama motobot

This robot is able to twist the throttle, change the gears, push on the pedals and steer the motorcycle just through the CPU inside of his frame. The initial version which is the one that was shown off did need to use the superbike slowly and it needed training wheels. So as of right now this robot isn’t able to compete in the MotoGP. However Yamaha has stated that they plan to get the Motobot to be able to race at speeds more than 120MPH in the upcoming years.

There are many who are spectacle about this Motobot though. Many people are seeing this as a machine that would be able to take over human racers on the track but that’s far from the case. Yamaha sees this robot as the perfect companion when testing new vehicles. This robot won’t be used to race but will instead be used to practice security measures and support systems.

This’ll give Yamaha the increased edge needed to ensure that their motorcycles are that much safer for humans. Their using materials which represent the texture & feeling of the human body, this’ll allow for the safe riding for all those whom wish to purchase a Yamaha motorcycle in the not so distant future.

Leon Gonyo Dies on Devil’s Bowl Speedway

Leon Gonyo, a stock car racer has died while taking a ceremonial victory lap. This man had just won the NASCAR All-American Series Modified Race on Saturday Night, while he was driving his victory lap he unfortunately had a medical problem arise. The car then accelerated into the wall before it bounced back off it and approached the speedway’s victory lane.

Leon Gonyo

Leon Gonyo is known to many throughout Northern America. He was a veteran driver that had raced stock cars for a total of forty years throughout the Northeast & Canada. This marked the fifth victory for this season allow, all of them occurring at the Fair Haven Track. The inspection of his vehicle stated that everything was working in proper condition, unfortunately it seems his medical condition wasn’t working in his favor. Unfortunately they haven’t released as to what the medical condition could be, many are believing it to be a stroke or heart attack. This is a sound theory as both of these medical condition happen without notice, in a matter of seconds you’re in great pain.

The Speedway released a statement, “Mr. Gonyo surpassed the majority of drivers, he surpassed the award’s criteria and he was considered to be a leader in our community. Rest easy, Leon Gonyo. Thank you for all the moments where you shared your passion, class and joy with us.” It seems that this sixty three year old driver will be sorely missed by his loved ones, the stock car NASCAR community and beloved fans.

1.5 Tonnes of Food Destroyed By Russia

Russia continues to show that it is a country with no respect to those who help them, to those who bring industry to the country and to the Northern American culture. The reasoning for this is because Russia destroy 1.5 Tonnes of good that was imported to Russia by the BMW Formula 1 Racing Team. This food is considered Western Food & thus by goes against the sanctions of the food department in Russia.


This isn’t surprising what so ever at Vladimir Putin resembles that of an early Adolf Hitler, he is being watched by dozens of different agencies from countries all around the world. He has already invaded Ukraine and has openly stated that he will continue to invade more countries in the future once he believes Russia’s soldiers can handle what is to come. Essentially this insane president has stated openly that he plans on starting a new war in the future.

Due to this the BMW Formula 1 Racing Team has stated that their unsure if they’ll be returning to the country to compete after this event. This means that in the future BMW couldn’t compete in events within Russia but if other fellow formula one teams took the initiative to do the same thing then it’s suspected that Russia would become one of the new countries banned from Formula 1. None the less fans of BMW can watch them race in the upcoming Moscow event as they will still be racing to win the first place trophy.

Chris Christie Not Ending Horse Racing

Governor Chris Christie, the man famous for creating the online gambling industry in New Jersey stated a few months ago that he would end horse racing within New Jersey. Most at the time believed that he was telling the truth due to the fact that horse racing is considered to be extremely criminal for the horses as they are the ones who are pushed to their limits, they are the ones who are abused for man’s enjoyment.

Chris Christie

Chris Christie is known for being a man who does all that it takes to make New Jersey a better place to live. Unfortunately it seems that money is more important to him than the well-being of these horses and the concern that his citizens have for them. None the less the 2016 Republican Candidate is going back on his word, this becoming obvious after Chris Christie attended a horse racing match only a week ago. As of right now Chris Christie is in tenth place for potential republican candidate, this means that the New Jersey Governor could become the President of the United States of America. This would most likely mean that online gambling would become legal on a federal level. This could also mean a mass amount of new profit for the country, which in return could be used to bring down the USA’s debt which is what Christie says is one of the things he’ll do as the president of the world’s most powerful country.

It’s still a shame to see that within New Jersey these horses will still be put to the test and a shame that an alternative has yet to be found or carried out.

Hypersonic Jet Being Created

The United States Military is by far the most advanced in the world with technology that is far beyond what the normal citizen could imagine. The latest project that has been announced to the public is a “Hypersonic Jet” that could travel five times faster than the speed of sound. This means that this future plane which would be released to the military by 2023 could travel faster than Mach 2 & move faster than a speeding bullet.

Hypersonic Jet

There is a number of different methods being used in order to achieve this incredible rate of speed. Engineers from the Air Force and the Defence Advanced Research Project Agency are accounting that their last venture into hypersonic speed the “X-51” was only able to reach Mach 1. This is why they’ll be using lighter materials that can work well with speeds faster than sound & their also developing a new GPS System that’ll allow for this unmanned plane to account for any upcoming storms, other planes or anything else in the sky. This jet would be able to travel around the world in less than ten minutes with this rate of speed. It’ll most likely be used to transport various weapons, food and medical supplies around the world. The hope is that the USA will be able to create manned vehicles that can travel this rate of speed. It would allow for them to attend to any matter in minutes.

Should any other information in relation to the new jet become available, we will post an update here or you.

New Wingsuit Allows For Faster Speeds

The Phoenix Fly Prodigy 2 Wingsuit is now available on the market and this new wingsuit is the fastest one to ever be built. Thanks to special aerodynamics and fabric this new wingsuit has allowed for flyers to take their adventures onto the next level.

Phoenix Fly Prodigy 2 Wingsuit

This new wingsuit allows for a total speed of 500 K/M an hour before the wind flaps will pop out to control the speed. This new wingsuit is so aerodynamic that the increase in speed of almost two hundred kilometers hasn’t caused for any changes when turning or hovering to higher distances. Currently this new tracking suit is on sale for $1000 at the Phoenix Fly website. There are a number of different suits that can be purchased but none that can reach the same speeds at the new prodigy 2.

Phoenix Fly released a statement relating to their new wingsuit saying, “The Prodigy 2 is our best wingsuit yet, its years ahead of any of our competition and takes this adrenaline thrilled sport to another level. We hope that our loyal fans will enjoy these innovations and take their adventures to the next step.”

Wingsuit flying has recently become a vastly popular sport for those addicted to adrenaline. Unfortunately it hasn’t reached enough popularity that the mass majority knows what it is. In order to find out more on this exciting sport you can do so through Google or you can go to a local teacher in order to learn the skill in person.

Need For Speed Racing Simulator

There are dozens of different racing simulators that you can experience on the market right now. Each one of these simulators can have a special racing wheel attached to the system its operating on, pedals as well and so much more in order for you to get the full experience of racing these cars. Unfortunately most of those who create these racing simulators don’t do it justice, thus by causing for sales to be poor and for the simulator to live a short life.

Ghost Games

There is one company known as “Ghost Games” which creates one of the most famous yearly racing simulators known to the Northern American Market. That racing simulator is known as “Need for Speed” and the 2015 installment of the franchise was just announced.

The publishing firm responsible for getting this simulator out of the market, Electronic Arts noted that this new title is far more enjoyable than anything they’ve ever designed for their customers before. The visuals behind the cars and racing tracks for the first time will truly be that of a marvel as it resembles the realism of racing in every manner. Those with the necessary accessories will be able to truly become a professional race car driver through this new installment in the simulator franchise.

There is no word as to what this specific simulator will be titles. All we know is that this new simulator is said to be coming to stores in May of 2015. We shall keep you up to date on any changes regarding this simulators release date.