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High Speed Rails

High Speed Rails is an incredible form of transportation that allows for people to go from one city to another in an extremely short period of time. It allows for people to attend their jobs from out of town without having to pass a massive amount of money on gasoline, car insurance, the car itself and so much more along the way. Unfortunately High Speed Rails can prove to be a massive liability for large cities across Northern America.

High Speed Rails

The reason for this is because high speed rails have trains going at such a fast rate of speed that it cannot slow down at certain points on the railroad. Along the railroad there are certain area’s which are designed to allow for the train to slow down without derailing off of the track. This means that a terrorist can easily put a bomb on one of these trains and set it off at a certain location without the train ever being able to stop, even if someone on the outside world knew of this bomb there would be nothing they could do. There is no plane or helicopter that could land on the train and anyone who tried to walk on top of it would be shot off into the sky instantly.

This is why many of the major cities across Northern America have decided to opt out of allowing for high speed rails to come to their cities. It is far too much of a risk for the city and their citizens, none the less the technology of these railroad’s is beyond impressive.

Radar Guns

Radar Guns have become a device which is available to the regular public. Their used by the mass majority in order to ensure that people driving in their neighborhoods are doing so at a safe speed limit. Those with a radar gun can take a picture of the gun & car speeding, then write down the license plate and inform the authorities depending on what state you live in. This doesn’t just make people feel as if their doing a justice but it also makes communities across the United States of America that much more safer.

Radar gun

Since these devices have become more popular throughout the years a major company that provides people with everything they need is one store is now selling these devices. Those who live near their local Target will now be able to purchase the Tracer SRA300, a radar gun that is affordable for the average consumer. These devices won’t register anything over ten miles an hour and their extremely accurate in the speed that drivers are going at.

Those who are willing to use these radar guns in order to ensure that their neighborhoods are well protected, in order to test the speed or your car or for any other reason should do so with caution. Going to close to the road and not using the proper procedures could result in someone being injured. None the less we will keep you updated on how these radar guns at Target effect neighborhoods all around the country.

Chicago & Detroit High Speed Rail

There is a high speed rail train that goes from Chicago to Detroit, through its two main stops it also passed by Battle Creek and Jackson. Unfortunately this trip takes roughly five hours and thirty eight minutes to complete as a whole. Both governments of state in Chicago & Detroit has proposed a new plan which would allow for this trip to be cut in half by two hours and twenty minutes. This also means that they could hold ten trips from Chicago to Detroit instead of the three they currently offer.

high speed rail

Amtrak, the only passenger rail service still operating in the United States of America is concerned about this potential upgrade as is Chicago & Detroit citizens. The upgraded speeds would reach 2035 Mph, the current high rail speed trail only 110 Mph. The difference won’t just effect the surrounding eco-systems through mass emission consumption but it’ll also pose a potential safety risk as high speed trains have been known to derail before in the past.

The argument that Chicago & Detroit State Governments have been making is that by allowing for ten trips instead of three more people will use this transportation method instead of using their vehicles. This in return would allow for lower emissions in the grand scale of things. They also argue that throughout all of the high speed rail trains in the world there have only been three to derail and that this technology is just as safe as using planes as transportation. We shall inform you of any new updates revealed regarding this High Speed Rail Upgrade.

Three Racing Steering Wheels

Drive Club is a new video game coming out for the Playstation 4 and though we normally don’t report on video games, Drive Club is worthy. Drive Club is a new racing simulator which will be released for the Playstation 4 on October 7th, this new racing simulator is right around the corner and it’s boosting visuals never before seen in a racing simulator. When viewing gameplay for this new racing game you can’t tell the difference between reality and the video game world. On top of that it was just announced by Evolution Studios, the studio behind this new game that three racing simulator wheels will be compatible with Drive Club.


This means that by using the Thrustmaster T80, Thrustmaster T300RS or the Thrustmaster T500 you will be able to take the car in the game into your own hands. Every turn you make on the wheel applies in the game, it makes the experience of Drive Club that much more realistic. This game just doesn’t appeal to those who enjoy video games but it appeals to those who have always wanted to race a car but have never been able to do so.

The only way you could gain more of a realistic experience other than playing Drive Club is by actually racing a car. Those car enthusiasts will find that they’ll love the experience of Drive Club. We’ll update you on how this game performs once it is released to the general public on October 7th, you won’t regret your experience with this video game. That is ensured by Evolution Studios.

Ty Dillon

Ty Dillon, one of the youngest racers currently employed by NASCAR will be making his first ever debut at the Atlanta Speedway Sprint Cup. The NASCAR Series is watched by millions upon millions of people located all around Northern America. This is the first time he will be competing in the spring cup, gaining the position in the cup after he placed extremely well in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. Ty Dillon races in the Number 3 Chevy Camaro, Nick Harrison will be coaching Ty Dillon while he is racing as the Crew Chief.

Ty Dillon
Ty Dillon is hardly a stranger to the 1.5 Mile Speedway. He has won plenty of races during his day as a NASCAR driver at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Two years ago he was able to win the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Race at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. He has also participated in the Cup Series Tests that are located at the ATS. He will be a serious competitor that veterans of NASCAR shouldn’t take lightly, he has more strength in his arms which means he can make quick turns or manoeuvres faster than his fellow veteran drivers.

“It’s going to be a pretty special moment when I make those first laps this weekend, one that I won’t forget,” said Dillon, the 22-year-old, Welcome, N.C., native. “I’ve been fortunate enough in my racing career to have great opportunities like this one. I’m looking forward to racing the No. 33 Realtree/Rheem Chevrolet under the lights on Labor Day weekend.”
Ty Dillion currently sits at third place for the Nationwide NASCAR Series.

Nascar & Comcast

According to a report made earlier on this week by SportsBusiness Daily. Nascar & Comcast have entered a new title sponsorship deal which will last over the course of the next ten years. This deal has been in negotiations for half a year, with these negotiations finally coming to an end it will allow for Comcast to earn a mass amount of money as die hard Nascar fans will purchase Comcast so that they may get all of the exclusive content that comes from this title sponsorship deal.

Nascar logo

Nascar recently went looking for a new title sponsor late in 2013 as Nationwide Insurance decided at random that they wanted to pull out as the title sponsor for second tier Nascar. Instead Nationwide Insurance became the title sponsor for the first tier Nascar events. This has allowed for Comcast to take on the role as the second tier Nascar Title Sponsor.
The 2014-2015 Season of Nascar will begin in the weeks after September. You can look forward to new changes in Second Tier Nascar due to this new title sponsorship deal.

“The deal, which is valued at close to $200M, is expected to be announced on Wednesday in Charlotte,” the report said. “The announcement follows several months of negotiations and represents a major achievement for NASCAR.”

“Comcast emerged as a viable replacement after the company’s sports TV group, NBC, signed a 10-year, $4.4B rights deal with NASCAR,” the SBD report said. “As part of the deal, Comcast agreed to spend $10M marketing and promoting the sport.”

Fantasy Nascar

Almost everyone in Northern America has heard about Fantasy Football. Essentially you get to pick any player you want from any team and then put them against another team in a Fantasy Football League. Using a program it is determined which team would win, it proves to be a lot of fun as you get to create things that would never happen in real life. Imagine having a team with Jerry Rice, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Dick Butkus and many more. Players from different generations all interacting amongst one another on the same team.

fantasy nascar

Well Nascar wants their fans to experience the same kind of enjoyment which has lead to Fantasy Nascar becoming a reality. You will be able to pick any driver from any era in Nascar’s history and have them race off against other racers from different eras in the sports history. You will also be able to choose from a series of cars that your racer drove during their time as a Nascar Driver. If you want you can even create your own racer and pit them against the likes of Jeff Gordon, Brad Keselowski and many more. Those who have tried to create their own racers haven’t been successful in doing so as their racing against some of the best racers known to history.

All you have to do to join in on the Fantasy Nascar fun is register an account with and you will be able to make your way up in the rankings. There are thousands of people who participate in Fantasy Nascar, work hard and you will be able to be the best out of the thousands of people who compete against you.

Nick Young Questions Nascar

Years ago figuratively speaking Donovan McNabb stepped on a landmine that blew up right in his face. Mr. McNabb took it upon himself more than four years ago to question if Nascar was a real sport. It resulted in Nascar drivers bashing him and fans of Nascar sending him death threats. He actually was sent to the hospital a year later as a diehard fan of Nascar beat him senseless. You would think that after that no one would question Nascar being a sport ever again.

Nick Young

Unfortunately a Los Angeles Lakers player Nick Young just did the same thing and stepped on the exact same landmine. He questioned if Nascar is a real sport and he did it on a national TV Program called TMZ which has millions of viewers each day. Luckily for Nick Young he didn’t bash Nascar like Mr. McNabb did four years ago. It seems that he was genuinely unaware if Nascar was a sport or not, being a famous basketball player takes a lot of your time which explains why he is unaware of other sports around him.

TMZ Reporters asked Nick Young which sport he thinks is effected by the rain the most? When Nick Young answered he said that he believed Nascar would be the sport effected most by the rain and then questioned if the sport is real or not. He then changed his answer and said football which would be correct as you cannot run on a wet field and make plays.

Toyota Recalls 650,000 Vehicles

Toyota Motor Corp, one of the most beloved vehicle manufactures in the world announced today that they have had to recall 650,000 Vehicles in Japan. This information came as a shock as normally Toyota never recalls their own vehicles as they are built to be strong, reliable and affordable cars for the mass public. These 650,000 vehicles have an issue with the airbag that issue being that the air bag won’t go off unless a huge amount of pressure it put against it which at that time it is too late.

toyota logo

There has been twenty separate models that have been loaded with these airbags but luckily for Toyota these cars have yet to been shipped out to Europe or North America. The lack of airbags will result in lives being lost which is why it is amazing that Toyota was able to find this issue before it was too late for them to do anything about it. This information came to light after an employee at Toyota received a report that showed that five cars in one day weren’t passing the airbag safety inspection test. This resulted in that employee checking up on each individual car which then showed him that almost each one of these cars didn’t have the proper airbags needed to pass safety inspection.

Toyota stated the following, “Itou Yuki, an employee for one of our plants in Japan noticed the fault in these airbags. We would like to thank him personally for finding this issue in our vehicles as it has allowed for us to potentially save lives that could of been lost.”

2015 Ford Explorer Revealed

Ford, a vehicle manufacturer known for their incredibly powerful trucks and SUVs revealed their newest SUV for 2015. The new 2015 Ford Explorer was revealed earlier on today when Ford held a press conference at their headquarters located in Detroit, New Jersey. This new Ford Explorer offers a brand new design for SUV enthusiasts to enjoy, the new design allows for more space within the SUV itself.

Ford logo

Ford has openly said that they believe that this explorer is the best one they have developed since the late 2010 model. At the time everyone believed that Ford was ditching their traditional roots but when the 2010 Ford Explorer was released everyone knew that Ford would always have what it takes to create a powerful yet luxurious SUV. Manufactures such as Chrysler, Toyota and GMC haven’t been able to compete with Ford as their SUV’s provide the most power and luxury for an affordable price. The new 2015 Explorer is selling right now for $30,600 which is an affordable price for a brand SUV.

Ford revealed this information at their press conference saying, “The 2015 Ford Explorer will soon be making its way to your local Ford dealership. We have worked hard on creating a brand new design and experience for the 2015 Ford Explorer while adding more power under the hood and more luxury within the vehicle. Everyone on the Ford Development Team feels as if we have accomplished this goal.”