Formula One Racing

Formula One remains to be the most popular form of racing in the world. The reason for this is because a Formula car can reach speeds past 250 Mph, while going at these fast speeds the drivers are making harsh turns which can result in movie like crashes. There are three different versions of Formula Racing. The first being Formula One in Europe, IndyCar Series in North America and Super Formula in Japan. Each different league has a five to three tier system for drivers to compete in.

formula1 racing

A new driver will start off at the lowest tier which is either tier 5 or tier 4. You will drive in each race, tournament and championship. Depending on how good you do you will be able to move up into the next tier. Every professional race car driver in the Formula series has gone through this tier system. Europe’s tier system include Formula Renault 2.0, Formula 3, GP3 Series Auto GP Formula E, GP2 Series Formula Renault 3.5 and Formula One. North America’s tier system included USF2000, Pro Mazda Championship, Indy Lights and IndyCar Series. Japan’s tier systems includes Formula Challenge Japan, Japanese Formula 3 and Super Formula.

Formula Series Cars only seat one passenger, the body is designed to be aerodynamic with aerofoil wings. These wings allow for the wind to move up the front end of the car, past the passenger and through the wings without any wind slowing down your speed. Different aerodynamic designs have been created throughout the years but during the last decade these cars have reached their maximum potential in the way their designed. Those who create these cars such as McLaren now focus on the engine, the speed that these cars can reach.

In Europe Formula Racing has become so popular that it has become open to the average individuals. Various racing clubs such as Monoposto allow for people from all around the world to hop into a Formula Series car and start racing. Monoposto alongside other clubs have helped to teach new drivers the skills they’d need in order to race a professional Formula driver. Through these clubs Formula 1 has seen new drivers appear on the scene.

Various Television Broadcasting Stations air each one of the Formula Races. SNET, BBC Sports and Sports Center are just some of the few who air the Formula series races. Various online sport betting websites allow for their punters to wager on these Formula series matches. Depending on which sports betting website you go to you will receive exclusive promotions or prizes if you win on your wager. Long time Formula series viewers know who is most likely going to win the match, thus by allowing for them to win on any wager they make.

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