Formula One Video Games

Formula One still remains as the most popular racing series in the world. Every week viewers turn on their televisions in order to view the formula one race. Ever since video games first started to become popular in arcades people have wanted Formula One styled video games. Namco, the creators of Pacman headed the call for this style of video game and created Pole Position back in 1983. Since then there have been multiple games designed around the Formula One Racing series.

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Formula One video games are best played on the computer as there are more Formula One games available on the Personal Computer. After Codemasters gained the rights to creating Formula One games they released “F1 2010” which marked the first real formula one game running next generation visuals. The cars looked realistic, the experience was realistic and this variant of a Formula One game was considered to be the first simulator for the racing series. Codemasters released this game for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. After that Codemasters didn’t release another Formula One video game for consoles until 2011 with F1 2011.

As of right now Codemasters is focused directly on creating Formula One video games for the Personal Computer. Each year the video game developers release a new version of F1 in order to be branded alongside the Formula One seasons. This means that you could actually drive the races that are actually occurring in real life on a video game, it allows for you to be completely immersed into the experience. Their games are also operated under an open source software which means that players can add their own mod’s into the game. This has allowed for a unique experience to be created in Codemasters F1 series that hasn’t ever been done before.

In early 2013 Codemasters took it upon themselves to port over “F1: 2013” over to the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 after the game reached an immense amount of popularity of the Playstation. The game which was sold in stores didn’t do as well as Codemasters excepted by recently in 2014 the game has been downloaded thousands of times through the Playstation Network and Xbox Live Game Store. This has shown Codemasters that they can still create F1 video games for consoles.

As of right now Codemasters has openly said that they plan to release a new Formula One game for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One come early 2015. The game will boast a new open source engine in order to better the visuals and Codemasters will add mod features into the game so that console players can also create their own unique experience. You must purchase one of these consoles or have a powerful PC in order to play these games.

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