Mobile Phone Racing Games

Mobile gaming has quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to play a video game. The majority of people live a busy life and don’t have the time to log into their video game console, put in their favorite racing game and play it for hours on end. These people instead want to be able to turn on their mobile phone, press on a application and play a racing game from the palm of their hands. This used to be a dream more than a decade ago but with the rapid increase in technology this dream is now a reality.

iphone racing

There are various mobile phones available on the market today. The iPhone still remains as the most popular mobile phone in Northern America. The reason for this is because the iPhone represents a quality phone that costs a large amount of money, you know that by having an iPhone you have a phone that everyone is looking at in awe. Then there are multiple phones based on the Android operating system, developers such as Samsung and Google have been able to create mobile phones around the Android OS that have become popular in a short period of time. The final operator which hasn’t been able to gain a large amount of popularity is Windows.

Each one of these mobile phones boast their own applications store. While Android has hundreds and thousands of different applications available to their users they still haven’t been able to compete with Apple. Video game developers such as Electronic Arts have created racing games for the iPhone and then later ported them over to Android.

Electronic Arts is one of the largest publishers of video games known to the video game market. They own the rights to Need for Speed, Assassins Creed, Multiple Sports Franchises and many more. The iPhone boasts four different games from EA which includes Need for Speed Shift, Need for Speed Shift 2, Need for Speed Undercover and Crazy Taxi. Each one of these games offers a different racing experience, some of the games are designed to resemble arcade racing games and some of them are designed to be racing simulators. Regardless of which one of these games you play from EA, you will be impressed by a quality gaming experience that can’t be matched by their competition Gameloft.

Mobile Phone Racing Games are only going to continue to become better in the future. As our mobile phones continue to become more technologically advanced we will be able to play games that resemble Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 video games. In order to play one of these games you’ll have to either go to the Android or iOS application stores and download one of these games.

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