Mobile Tablet Racing Games

apple logoOn January 9th, 2007 our lives were forever changed in how we communicated amongst one another when the iPhone was released by Apple. The marked the first time that we had a true smart phone. Blackberry originally coined the phrase smart phone but their phones never truly impressed people like the iPhone did. You had a mobile device that used touch screen technology and preformed without any hiccups. Eventually Apple continued to innovate the mobile device industry when they released the iPad back in 2010. This marked the first time that you could use a mobile device that had the power of a computer in the palm of your hands.

As of right now there are multiple tablet developers in the mobile device industry. You have Sony, Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Asus and many more creating tablets using different software. Apple exclusively uses their iOS software which is preferred by millions of people due to its simple design and easy to use touch screen controls. Samsung, Apple, Sony and Asus choose to use the Android operating system which is still beloved by many but doesn’t have the fan base that Apple has been able to secure. Finally Nokia chooses to use the Windows 8.1 software for their mobile tablets, thus by giving users the power of a computer on a tablet that runs Windows software. You can actually download console video games on the Nokia tablet.

Apple boasts the largest application store out of the three with millions of applications available in a single touch. Various publishers such as Gameloft and Electronic Arts both release racing games for their loyal fans. As of right now you can experience Need for Speed games such as Need for Speed Undercover, Need for Speed Shift and Need for Speed Shift 2. Electronic Arts holds the rights to every Need for Speed game released for consoles and mobile devices.

Gameloft on the other hand has released multiple different racing games for the iPad, Android Tablets and iPhone. Their latest racing game is called “GT.Racing 2 The Real Car Experience” and it boasts quality visuals that nearly resemble real life. They also offer different racing games such as the Asphalt series which has lasted through eight different games.

While playing these racing games on your tablet you can’t help but to be drawn into the experience. Instead of using a controller with buttons to turn your car, you actually move your hands and turn the tablet to move the car. This makes for a more interactive experience which will bring exciting gameplay moments to everyone who plays these games. In order to play one of these games you must own a iPad or Android tablet.

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