Need for Speed Video Game

There are two racing car simulators that dominate the video game market, Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo offer a realistic portrayal of racing. They both boast hundreds of different cars that allow for you to experience everything from classic racing to formula one racing. Unfortunately these simulators lack one realistic aspect which are crashes, during a real life race anything can happen in a moment’s notice and a formula one car can go from magnificent over to demolished.

Often players want to see these cars explode or get into a crash as they don’t actually own the cars. Need For Speed, one of the longest lasting racing video game franchises allows for people to do just that. Need for Speed is designed to be more of an arcade styled racing simulator boasting hundreds of different cars. The race tracks resemble real life, making you wonder how a game could boast graphics so rich is texture, lighting and movement. You will spend your time in Need For Speed driving a variety of other races across the United States of America.

Need for Speed

During your race across the USA cops will follow you and try to pin you into the walls, potentially crashing your car in the process. You can use special actions that allow for those cops to be forced to leave the cash. During Need for Speed Most Wanted you could use spikes, helicopters and more as special actions during the race. The spikes would be placed before the cop and would pop all four of his tires. The helicopter on the other hand would shoot down the cop car and any unwanted opponents in the race, thus by allowing for you to move up a few positions in the race.

As of right now Need for Speed boasts more than fifteen different games. They have been creating games for consoles since the early 90’s. They’ve remained a key racing game over the course of the Playstation 1, Playstation 2, Playstation 3 and now the Playstation 4. These games are also available on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One but Playstation is where this series first started and they’ll always remain loyal to the Playstation.

Need for Speed is developed by Criterion and published by EA. In order to play this game you must either purchase a computer with a quality graphics car, a Playstation 3 or 5, an Xbox 360 or an Xbox One. You will also have to purchase one of the latest Need for Speed Games as well. This could boast you nearly five hundred dollars but it is cheaper than actually being a race car driver. The latest installment in the series in Need for Speed Rivals, a direct sequel to Most Wanted.

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