Touring Car Racing

Imagine taking your average car and turning it into something incredible, something with so much speed it can be hard to handle. Street racing became popular around the time of the 1960’s when Muscle Cars had reached their peak in what they could do. Those who owned one of these muscle cars took it upon themselves to enhance their speed through illegal methods. Those drivers then took to the streets to race their new car. Eventually authorities in various countries struck down on these street races which saw a lot of drivers having their cars impounded or going to jail.

Touring car racing

Italy, Japan, Britain, Australia, Scandinavia, Brazil and Germany all saw the potential in street racing. That’s when touring car racing became a legal auto racing competition that anyone could enter. All you had to do in order to compete in one of the races is modify your car to the point where it would be illegal on the streets but not on the race track. While these modified cars aren’t as fast as Formula One Cars they still bring an exciting experience to the race track. Due to the design of these modified cars you can make the occasional nudge, making this a contact racing league.

Essentially someone who wants to enter one of the Touring Car Leagues must get a body of a regular car such as a Ford Focus, Toyota Solara or Honda Civic. Everything else that is in the car can be modified with the exception of NOS. Advanced technology has also been banned from these cars as driving these cars would become too easy, thus by defeating the whole purpose of race car driving.

While Touring Car Racing resembles NASCAR, the two are not one in the same. Nascar goes to various companies such as Ford, Toyota, Chrysler, Mercedes and more in order to create a shared design for the future Nascar. Touring Car Racing on the other hand allows for any basic car to be modified and entered into the race. Also Touring Car Racing requires a large amount of turns in order to better the viewing experience for the fans. Nascar on the other hand has drivers drive in a large circle while the viewers hope for a large crash to occur on screen.

Australia took touring car racing to the next step when they created the “Australian Touring Car Championship”. Drivers have the ability to modify their cars to the point where they could reach 650 Horse Power. Drivers can add advanced technology and illegal parts to their cars in order to reach the maximum horse power allowed. These cars are lowered to the ground in order to have better aerodynamics and they reach such high speeds that driving them on the road would be nearly impossible.

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