Virtual Racing Games

Virtual Reality has been something that video game developers have been trying to master for the last two decades. Nintendo was the first video game manufacturer to try and enter the virtual reality market with the Virtual Boy. Unfortunately Nintendo couldn’t master the new product as it brought headaches to nearly everyone after twenty minutes of gameplay.

Virtual reality racing

After Nintendo no one tried to re-imagine virtual reality until the creators of Oculus Rift. The Oculus Right is a large headset that has a HDTV screen built into it. Every time you turn your head the Oculus Rift will register that information and turn the head of your character in the game. Facebook has now bought the rights to the Oculus Right and they’ve openly said that they’ll be using the Oculus Right as a teaching tool for the future.
This doesn’t mean Virtual Reality is dead again for years to come. Playstations creators “Sony Entertainment” announced a month ago that they are creating their own virtual reality device that will be supported with every future Playstation 4 title to be released. This includes Gran Turismo 6 which will allow for players to truly become a race car driver.

Gran Turismo 6 is the latest Gran Turismo in development. Sony Entertainment has been developing this game for the better part of four years due to new car additions, upgrades on the visuals and fine tuning how the vehicles drive. Gran Turismo 6 will also boast the best visuals known to the franchise as it will be released on the Playstation 4. When you get the Playstation 4 Virtual Reality Peripheral you will be able to hop into the driver’s seat, see every fine detail in the game and begin your race. You will also be able to use a steering wheel peripheral with Gran Turismo 6, thus by allowing for you to be truly drawn into the experience.

Sony Entertainment won’t be releasing their virtual reality headset anytime soon as they have to make sure the product is 150% full proof and non harmful to the user. Once they do release their virtual reality headset you will be able to play various racing games such as Need For Speed, Burnout, Gran Turismo and more through the headset. You won’t be able to compare the experience you receive to any other moment in your life.

As of right now there are various racing games available to use such as Gran Turismo 5. The graphics behind every racing game on the PS3 bare resemblance to real life and offer exciting gameplay moments. In order to play Gran Turismo 5 or any of the other racing games available on the Playstation 3 you’ll have to go down to your local electronics store and purchase the console.

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